Coach Realtors Malverne Conference Center - Malverne Realty, an established realty agency in Malverne NY was bought by Coach Realtors, a large regional realty company based on Long Island.

With the new owners, the original Malverne Realty web site was taken offline. However, it was discovered that Malverne Realty had a longstanding reputation in the community as a quality realty agency. There were also many web links pointing to the original web site, so it was decided to reestablish a web presence.

The original domain name was kept, but the web site was updated to reflect the new status as a satellite office of Coach Realtors. The Malverne office also had Digifix create a Facebook business page for Coach Realtors Malverne Conference Center, set up a Youtube channel at with several videos created by Digifix, and establish a Twitter account for them as well. Digifix is currently handling the social media accounts as Coach Realtors Malverne Conference Center prepares to train for handling that in house.

Screenshot of Coach Realtors Malverne Conference Center web site

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