I decided to use Digifix to do our website based upon the personnel. I had confidence in Digifix as our website designer. We provided a price list and a logo design, but relied upon Digifix to supply content such as graphics and copy for the website.

I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I think it looks good. It turned out much the way I expected it to- professionally done, not crowded.

It was a pleasure working with Digifix - a real collaborative effort. They absolutely kept to schedule, and when there were problems they just worked through them. I'm very satisfied with the end result. It's a good site.

I certainly didn't understand everything involved in putting up a website, and Digifix was able to guide us as to how things work. They told us about Google Adwords and Analytics, so obviously their expertise has been valuable.

The value of what we got is far in excess of what we paid for.

After designing the website, Digifix was effective in promoting the website and getting traffic to the website. Working with Digifix to Improving the effectiveness of the website has been fairly impressive. You seem to have the tools, understand what's going on, and some good ideas on how to improve it.

I don't there is a anything I could ask to improve Digifix's level of service - it is all it could rationally be expected to be.

Allan Honeyman

Albany, NY

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