We use Digifix because they give the best service. The value of Digifix for me is that if I have a problem, I pick up the phone, and if they are not here today, they are here tomorrow. And my business doesn't have to be stopped, at a standstill. And that is very important. That's money!

Digifix has helped us with hooking up new printers. A special plumbing program was freezing and they came in and took care of that. Set up antivirus and the networking. Gave me a backup system that I don't have to be bothered with it anymore. Hallelujah! No remembering - now that's value. Another thing that I don't have to remember!

There's absolutely nothing that you can do to improve your service to us. Keep doing what you're doing and DON'T CHANGE! because there aren't too many out there like you.

Dianne Volch
Senid Plumbing
College Point, NY

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