Here is what some of our clients have said about us. You can find more testimonials on the Digifix page on Google Places.

Trace Burroughs

Mark was extraordinarily helpful and extremely generous with his time in educating me, as he guided me through various Web and Google advertising processes. Very easy to work with. Answering all my questions in a simple and detailed way that I could understand and utilize in the future on my own.

Trace Burroughs

Brett Fence

The computer was a mess because I have five people on the computer. Digifix came in, took the computer for 24 hours, brought it back to me and it was running fine.

They quoted me one price and when he came back it was less, so we were pretty happy about that! Usually it's the other way around.

The wireless on my laptop never seemed to work. The phone company came in twice to fix it and it would work for 2 days and that was the end of it. Digifix came in and took care of it, and we've never had a problem with it after that.

Brett Boerkel
Brett Fence
Franklin Square, NY

Senid Plumbing Computer Network

We use Digifix because they give the best service. The value of Digifix for me is that if I have a problem, I pick up the phone, and if they are not here today, they are here tomorrow. And my business doesn't have to be stopped, at a standstill. And that is very important. That's money!

Digifix has helped us with hooking up new printers. A special plumbing program was freezing and they came in and took care of that. Set up antivirus and the networking. Gave me a backup system that I don't have to be bothered with it anymore. Hallelujah! No remembering - now that's value. Another thing that I don't have to remember!

There's absolutely nothing that you can do to improve your service to us. Keep doing what you're doing and DON'T CHANGE! because there aren't too many out there like you.

Dianne Volch
Senid Plumbing
College Point, NY

Susan Malise

Your responsiveness to  our "computer needs" has been excellent. We are extremely impressed with your level of expertise. You are very patience in listening to our needs and frustrations. We  appreciate the time you take to explain what has to be corrected and how long that process will take.

Your follow up to every job is terrific. You take a personal interest  and that is important to us. You are prompt and dependable and it is a pleasure to work with you.  Thanks again for your great service ...

Malverne Realty

We called you to get the computers to work better so that the agents didn't complain about them not working right. You were able to fix the problems and now they can get their jobs done without a lot of problems from the computers.

You've helped us with by getting rid of viruses, and introducing me to Linux on one computer so that I don't have to worry about getting viruses from the Internet the way I did with my Windows computer.

You also helped us with printing, guiding us to upgrade from an inkjet to a color laser printer. The prints look much more professional, and it prints much faster than the old printer. You set us up with laser printers and networked them so that we can print from any computer.

I've been so satisfied that I've recommended you to other people and that turned out very well.

As time went by, and you've made improvements in our network, we've needed to see you less and less.

Jack Coffey
Malverne Realty
Malverne, NY

Marble Modes

I find that Digifix is very knowledgeable and very accomomodating and whenever we have a problem with our systems, they respond quickly and you always do the right job.

I don't think there is anything they could do to help us better. They are very quick to respond to our problems, which is very important to us as it would be to anybody.

When our systems are down, we give them a call and they respond that day or the next day. They fix the problem quickly. They're very accomodating. They bring the equipment right back, and we appreciate it.

I find the value to be very good. Their pricing is very fair, They explain it to us, and we're happy with their service.

Don Cavalaro
Marble Modes
College Point, NY

Scrybex Web Site

I decided to use Digifix to do our website based upon the personnel. I had confidence in Digifix as our website designer. We provided a price list and a logo design, but relied upon Digifix to supply content such as graphics and copy for the website.

I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I think it looks good. It turned out much the way I expected it to- professionally done, not crowded.

It was a pleasure working with Digifix - a real collaborative effort. They absolutely kept to schedule, and when there were problems they just worked through them. I'm very satisfied with the end result. It's a good site.

I certainly didn't understand everything involved in putting up a website, and Digifix was able to guide us as to how things work. They told us about Google Adwords and Analytics, so obviously their expertise has been valuable.

The value of what we got is far in excess of what we paid for.

After designing the website, Digifix was effective in promoting the website and getting traffic to the website. Working with Digifix to Improving the effectiveness of the website has been fairly impressive. You seem to have the tools, understand what's going on, and some good ideas on how to improve it.

I don't there is a anything I could ask to improve Digifix's level of service - it is all it could rationally be expected to be.

Allan Honeyman

Albany, NY

Fashionaire Daily

Mark Simko was very helpful in helping me with my Logo for my fashion lifestyle site, Fashionaire Daily.  I recommend Mark to anyone who has computer design issues.

Fashionaire Daily

Speedy Rack and Axle Web Site

I first called Digifix because the old computer's hard drive crashed, and we had you get data files off the hard drive and import the data into Quickbooks on the new computer.

They set up Quickbooks and showed me how to use it, and set up my home computer so that I could connect to the work computer and work on Quickbooks, as well as see what my employee was doing on the computer and what was happening during the day.

They also set up my website, and it turned out beautiful. We got quite a few calls from the Google Adwords campaign that they ran for us. Their advice regarding the website was right.

Their rates were excellent. Excellent. The rates were good, and the service was good. They're always there if I need them.

Rav Beharry
Speedy Rack and Axle
West Hempstead, NY

Senid Plumbing Web Site

Digifix made our website and provided the content for it. It met my expectations and is a good value. Working with was Digifix pretty easy. I had a vision for my website and Digifix put it together a lot better than I had expected. The project was completed on time and within budget. They did a good job and I am very happy.

Robert Giuliante
Senid Plumbing and Heating Corp.
College Point, NY

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