We called you to get the computers to work better so that the agents didn't complain about them not working right. You were able to fix the problems and now they can get their jobs done without a lot of problems from the computers.

You've helped us with by getting rid of viruses, and introducing me to Linux on one computer so that I don't have to worry about getting viruses from the Internet the way I did with my Windows computer.

You also helped us with printing, guiding us to upgrade from an inkjet to a color laser printer. The prints look much more professional, and it prints much faster than the old printer. You set us up with laser printers and networked them so that we can print from any computer.

I've been so satisfied that I've recommended you to other people and that turned out very well.

As time went by, and you've made improvements in our network, we've needed to see you less and less.

Jack Coffey
Malverne Realty
Malverne, NY

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