Political Patriot is an organization dedicated to promoting fairness in parents rights, addressing inequalities and injustices in the US legal system, and exposing political corruption. It intends to publicize events and issues which fail to attract the attention of mainstream media. It needed a new web site to help fulfill this mission.

Political Patriot, came to Digifix through a recommendation. The founder was looking to make Political Patriot into an online news website. Wordpress had been tried initially but the results were unsatisfactory since Wordpress did not have the ability to provide all the features envisioned for the web site. Something more robust, extendable, and flexible was needed.

Political Patriot was redesigned using the Joomla content management system. The bulk of the effort was completed in one day through the combined efforts of Digifix and Political Patriot. The new domain was registered, system was uploaded and configured, look and feel was established, important maintenance features were added, and publication features were added. Some of the existing content from the old site was copied over to the new web site.

During the setup, the features and organization of the Joomla administration console was explained. The founder of Political Patriot was instructed on adding users, articles, and information blocks (modules in Joomla parlance) to the system. As a team effort, the project to relaunch Political Patriot was largely completed in one day. Political Patriot will be adding more features in the near future.

Political Patriot web site - parent rights, judicial fairness, political corruption expose web news site

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