Harrietsbookshelf.com - Harriet Forman EdD, RN, a longtime client of our support services, is an author. Her book, Nursing Leadership For Patient Centered Care, was published, and as she began to think about her next book project, she learned that publishers now expected much more from authors than previously. Publishers now expect an author to have a website and a social presence on the Internet.

Harriet consulted with us about getting a website built. We advised her how to find other providers that specialized in websites for authors. We also took a look at what was offered by these providers, and what other authors had published on the Internet for their websites. We provided a competitive bid, and ultimately, Harriet chose to have us design her website.

We worked closely together to build her website using the Joomla content management system. The website was finished in a timely manner, and has been submitted to the major search engines and directories. Harriet has been advised on how to submit an online news release, to update her professional social profiles, and how to make simple edits to her website.

Screenshot of Harrietsbookshelf web site

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